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16 December 2009 @ 10:08 am
In Japan - Day 1  
DAY 1~12月15日

The day has finally came!! Woke up at 4.30am for my 8.30am flight at Sydney International airport. I left my house at 5.30 and then my dad had to fill up the petrol >_<... My mum was being soo indecivise whether she wants to go or not.. at first she couldn't go because of my bother had school... and then she askedme i she wanted to go.. ~_~... she ended up coming anyways coz I knew she wanted too..

We got to the M5 and HOMG~!!! We were stuck!! most of the time we were going at least 40-60km/h at a 110 zone!!! I was totally freaking out that I'll miss my flight XDD... But I got there like just before 7am. One of my friend caught the train to the airport to see me off.. haha he such a bothered kid LOL.. and he also gave me some coins in yen lol..

As I got to the Custom gates I had to say my goodbye. I hugged my mum first coz i can see she was about to cry and she did after hugging her, then my dad and then my friend and I went to hugged my mum again and she seeing her cry coz of me breaks my heart and make me want to cry too but i held it XDD lol..

Got through customs with no problem.. besides I have nothing to hide!... and waited gate 10... and holy crap there were soo many Japanese students there.. but they were of to Osaka.. Their uniform say Osaka High lol... I wish I was a high school student again. the flight to the Gold Coast wasn't bad at all.

I waited about an hour for the flight from Gold Coast to Toyko. We had to walk to the plane it self and walk up the stairs to the door. It was raining a little and it got harder as we waited and then finally off. This flight wasn't as comfortable as my last flight.. but all it matters that I'm here in Japan!!!!

At Narita Airport there are 2 terminals, I didn't know which one to go to, I so asked the check in people and he said at terminal 1.. soi ot my dad to call my relatives about it.. as I was 1 hour away from landing, they said we'll be landing at terminal 2!!! WTF!!! I started to freak out!! Arrived at Narita at 6.50pm! But when I got out of customs I saw my Aunty! We took the train back home and it was likea 2 hour or more I was sooooo dead tired!! and it was sooo friggin COLD!! all I had was a tshirt, scarf, beanie, jacket and jeans XDD... I think I caught cold!! >_<

I got home just before 12am.. my uncle decided to call my mum which was 2am in Australia! and yeh that was my day yesterday. checked facebook when i got here and emails too. had to contact calpis37 cant wait to see her!!

Today I just plan to relax and meet up with calpis37 and try to get a softbank prepaid sim card XDD

anyways I'll try my best to post often as I been negelecting lately XDD

I'm at: Hiratsuka
I'm feeling: tiredtired
♚ ヒカル♕kawaii_hime09 on December 16th, 2009 04:36 am (UTC)
Yatta!!! You are FINALLY in Japan XDDD LUCKY~~~~~ XDDDD

I cant go this year DDDD: I'm going to see my grandfather in another city here on friday DDD:

I'm glad to see that you had no trobles like I did when I had to go through customs -______-

Why the hell am I always suspected for doing something wrong first =3= I guess I naturally look shady DDDDDDx

While you are freezing in Japan....It is normal here in Xiamen XD It is quiet warm for this time of year.......or maybe its just the pollution in the air that is stopping the cold from seeping in DDDD: I would rather it be cold thanks LOL!!!

Make sure to have fun and keep us updated ne~~ <3
fatimaa_xo: matsujun :Dfatimaa_xo on December 16th, 2009 05:20 am (UTC)
have fun in japan without parents yeahhhh :D
hope u have a fun time & take care ~