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07 January 2011 @ 11:05 am
Palm Reading is LOL  
The Life Line
- This type of line extends to the middle of the palm, away from the thumb towards the base of the hand. This represents a life that consists of a lot of travelling.
Lines extending up and above the Life Line show the ability to recover from situations.
Lines extending below the Life Line show a habit of wasting energy.

The Head Line
If your Head Line and Life Line are joined at the beginning, this indicates that your strong sense of mind generally rules over your body. You also look at childhood with a cautious and fearful outlook. Separated lines show a love for adventure and an enthusiasm for life.
- A donut or a cross through the Head Line represents a mental crisis.
- Crosses through the line indicate major decisions in your life.

The Heart Line
- A selfish and materialistic look at love is characteristic to those whose Heart Line start below the middle finger. A slight disregard to the true meaning of love and its responsibilities are indicated by the line that starts between the middle and index finger. The person tends to easily give their heart away.
Happiness in love is shown by small lines that extend upward from the Heart Line. However, if the lines extend downward, then it symbolizes a disappointment.

The Health Line
A broken line, tends to show that poor health will create problems in your business situations.
- If there is an extra line that branches out onto the life line, then there may be some sort of life-threatening situation in your old age.

The Fate Line
If a break occurs in your Fate Line at the Head Line and goes on, this indicates that you will successfully change your job in your middle years.
Lines that cross the Fate Line foreshadow times where your destiny is opposed by others.

The Fame Line
If the line travels to the ring finger, this indicates fame in the arts.

The Marriage Line
The presence of more that one line in this area indicates more than one marriage.
1: this will be the first marriage, 2: this will be the second.
If the Marriage Line breaks, then resumes with an overlap, this indicates a separation, and later, reunion.

The Money Line
A line from the Head Line that runs to the ring finger, cutting through the Fame Line, indicates money acquired through luck and by surprise.

The Travel line
If a travel line intersects with the Life Line, then a trip will be made under circumstances of health, or your health will be affected by a trip.

Well I'm going to have a shit life =P