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24 July 2011 @ 02:03 am
~New glasses~  

Last Sunday I bought new glasses at clearlycontact.com.au they had an awesome offer where all the glasses were all $38 (excluding shipping and handling, and lens coating) which pretty awesome and another offer 3 glasses for $99!!!! However I only bought 2 glasses coz I was low on cash for the week, atm I'm super poor until Monday wooo!! Anyways on Tuesday I got an email saying that my glasses has been shipped. Only and hour ago I went to the kitchen to eat and I was just looking around waiting for my food to be cooked and I saw a blue box and read clearly contacts and thought ahh that's where I got my glasses from then it clicked that the box belonged to me lol I didn't realise my glassed had came! 

These ones are Lucky Brand
Awesome frames however the right side of the lense is against my eye quite uncomfortable.

These are Love Brand.. I like this better but the handles are straight soo it's easy to fall off since the handle doesn't wrap around my head soo it doesn't stay on.

Will that's my glasses ^^ 

 night night

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